Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The Christian Vote is Important

It surprised me when I recently learned that about half of the adult members of most churches are not registered as voters. Most Christians are indifferent when it comes to the elections. Some within the church refrain from the election process because they believe it to be secular. They don't see the need to vote and feel that voting for a political party has nothing to do with Christ. Other Christians feel that the major political parties, like the ANC and the DA, are too liberal. They believe that these parties they do not adhere to biblical principles & values and are therefore undeserving of their vote.

To the Christian community, I can understand your indifference. Yet, in spite of this, consider that your indifference has permitted the wicked to rule. In the absence of your vote corruption prevails, abortion is legalized, homosexuals can marry, sexual sin is accepted, and family & moral values are prohibited. Christian, don't underestimate the power of your vote. Sidestep your vote and you allow sin to continue within society. God will hold you accountable for the state of your city and nation. So Christians, do not abdicate your responsibility in the next election in May this year. You must get to your nearest voting station on the weekend of the 5th & 6th of March and register to vote! It's your first step in the right direction.

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